Hotel San Bada is located next to the World Famous Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, and close to Quepos Town. If the Hotel does not appear in your GPS, add Manuel Antonio National Park entrance as your destiny, or use latitude 9.232688 N andlongitude 84.084407 W. Directions from Juan Santamaría’s International Airport to Hotel San Bada, by new highway 27.

  • When leaving the airport take the main highway (Inter American High Way) to San Ramon,
  • After driving aprox. 8 miles (13km) take the exit with signs for Atenas, Orotina and Jaco. At the stop sign (50 yards) turn left go over the bridge.
  • After 1.8 miles (3 km) look for the church in the left side and take a left after a soccer field heading to Turrucares.
  • Drive 2 miles (3.2km) to get to the new highway. Once you see the HWY don’t go under the tunnel, take a left and drive 500 yards (through a parallel road to the HWY) to the East until a rotary. Once in the rotary take the first exit at the right to get on the HWY heading to the West to Atenas, Orotina, Jacó.
  • Once on the highway drive for 16.5 miles (27km) or until you pass two toll booths. After the second toll booth take the first exit right with signs for Jaco.
  • After passing under the HWY bridge you are now on route 34, from there Manuel Antonio is 67 miles distance. Follow the signs to Jaco, Parrita, Quepos. You will pass over the Tarcoles river or crocodile bridge.
  • At this point of the trip you can have a little rest, stop before the Crocodile bridge, park your car near the restaurant, lock your car and walk to the center of the bridge. Please make sure to secure all your belongings all the moment.
  • After the rest continue driving, follow the sighs to Jaco, Parrita, Quepos.
  • Once near Jaco, keep on the route 34, this time continue driving to Parrita, Quepos. At this point of the trip the road to Quepos, Manuel Antonio is easier.
  • In Parrita you have to pass through the town, and keep on the main road following the signs to Quepos, Manuel Antonio.
  • After passing Parrita, there will be only two gas stations until reaching Hotel San Bada in Manuel Antonio.
  • The first gas station is at the right side in the town of Paquita, from there continue aprox. 2 miles
  • Follow the sign to Quepos, when you reach Colegio de Quepos (Quepos High School) turn right, at this point you will see a lot of signs indicating to turn right
  • 400mts past the Colegio de Quepos, you will see the second Gas Station at your left, from there continue straight until you will reach a one lane small bridge.
  • Just after the bridge, the road will look like it’s splitting, stay to the left.
  • Drive moderate slowly speed and go straight aprox. 4 blocks and then make a left on the corner of a small park, at this point you will see signs pointing the route to Manuel Antonio National Park
  • From there remember that Hotel San Bada is next to Manuel Antonio National Park entrance, aprox 7km or 4.3 miles.
  • Once at Manuel Antonio Beach, you will see many people offering parking, tell them that you are heading to Hotel San Bada, take the first and only left, where a restaurant is located on the corner.
  • After taking the left, drive aprox. 300mts, the road will split, take the right road pass through the bridge and continue straight 400mts to Manuel Antonio National Park entrance, the Hotel is just right next to the Park entrance.

Also for any assistance during your travel, please feel free to call our representatives at 2777-5333 ext. 0 From San José -20 minute domestic flight – 3hr drive From Manuel Antonio National Park: – Just few steps from the main entrance From Quepos Downtown: -10 minute drive From Quepos Pier: -10 minute drive From Quepos Domestic Airport: -15 minute drive.